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Who Can Attend our Yoga Classes?

When people ask us "Are your classes easy or hard?" we tell them that Yoga is as easy or as difficult as you want it to be, depending upon your prior experience of Yoga and the amount of effort you put in!
Yoga is not just for the young and healthy - yoga is for all ages from babies (yes, babies!), children, teenagers, young adults and middle aged to elder people. Yoga is for people from all cultural and religious backgrounds. Yoga has no restrictions on gender, health or ability. Yoga has something to offer everyone.

There are many forms of Yoga, many different Yoga styles and many different Yoga teachers: the question is, which one will suit you?
At Namaste Yoga, we know that everyone has individual needs when it comes to Yoga practice and we know that a skilled and experienced Yoga teacher is able to accommodate all levels of experience and can meet the needs of all students.
For these reasons, we offer a range of Yoga classes.

Please click on the link to the Yoga Class that you feel is most suitable for you. If you need help, please contact us.

  • Absolute Beginners
  • Experienced Yoga
  • Senior's (age 55+) Yoga
  • Yoga for Kids & Teens Yoga
  • Pre/Post Natal Yoga
  • Recovery Yoga
  • General Classes

Absolute Beginners' 8-Week Course

Level: Gentle/Moderate

This program is equally suitable for those new to Yoga, have not done any Yoga for a while or with limited experience of Yoga. In the Beginners' class you will be introduced to the basics of yoga including how to correctly and safely do the key yoga poses and yoga breathing. Simple meditation and deep relaxation techniques are also covered.

Fee: $150.00
Your course fee includes: a private Introduction to Yoga session prior to your first class, a personalised home-yoga program, Namaste Deep Relaxation CD and vouchers for course attendance over 8 weeks.

Bookings are essential

Class Numbers Limited to 8

Next Courses commence
Please email or phone for dates and details of next course.

Enrolments are now being taken!!


These yoga classes are designed for people who have been practising Yoga regularly and have learned correct breathing and asana techniques and have a sound understanding of basic Yogic principles with a desire to extend yourself further in your Yoga practice.

The postures covered may be complex with longer periods of holding.

Level: moderate/advanced

Cost: $15.00 per casual class

Please contact our Clinic on (02) 4573 0784 for details


Age Group: 55 years +

Namaste Senior Yoga classes cover correct breathing combined with simple stretches, balancing exercises and deep relaxation techniques. Suitable for older people who have never experienced Yoga before or have not exercised for sometime but would like to improve their general health and well-being.

Research conducted at Melbourne's RMIT has shown that Yoga provides great benefits for older people who wish to maintain or improve their balance, flexibility, strength and stamina. It also helps with sleeping problems and stress.

Level: Gentle

Please contact our Clinic on (02) 4573 0784 for details


In today's world it could be said that children and teenagers are over-stimulated, being perpetually bombarded with information. Most adults complain about the level and intensity of "information overload" that they find themselves exposed to on a daily basis and about how stressful it can be trying to cope with all the incoming data. We can only imagine how this hyper-stimulii environment we have created affects the growing nervous systems and developing minds of our children and teenagers. More and more young people are diagnosed with ADHD, hyperactivity syndrome, depression, learning difficulties, behavioural problems and decline in general health. The Department of Health and Ageing inform us that today's teenagers are at increasing risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviours, drug addiction and other mental health problems.

Yoga is a great way to help your children gain self-confidence, learn how to slow down, relax and get centred.

Namaste Yoga's Program for Children and Teenagers is unique, drawing upon techniques that have been shown through scientific investigation to be effective in helping children to cope better with the many demands placed upon them, to process their feelings, improve co-ordination and concentration and aid healthy nervous system development.

Level: gentle/moderate

Please contact our Clinic on (02) 4573 0784 for details


Our Pre and Post Natal Yoga sessions are planned with consideration of the specific needs of the changing female body and mind during this most creative of times! We focus on gentle, slow movements, breath awareness and relaxation techniques.

Level: Gentle and Restorative


Although pregnancy is a perfectly natural process, it nevertheless places a lot of demands on the female body. Yoga can help the body adapt to the many changes that take place and remain in balance during this important period of life. Some of the health benefits that Yoga can give during pregnancy, include: relief of hip, back and abdominal pain/discomfort, prevention of haemorrhoids and varicose veins, improved digestive function and reduction in anxiety and stress. The relaxation benefits of Yoga have a very important role in assisting with childbirth and reducing the incidence of post-natal depression.

We advise Mums-to-be to attend our Pre-Natal Yoga class after a complimentary private session with one of our experienced Yoga Teachers to determine your individual needs.



Childbirth can be a marathon event! Even relatively quick and 'easy' deliveries take a lot of energy that needs to be restored. Many mums feel that they need to tone-up, build stamina and strength after giving birth. Because the natural hormonal variations that occur during and following pregnancy tend to make the joints and tendons highly flexible, it is advisable to be careful when exercising in the first 6-12 months after delivery and Post-Natal Yoga techniques are designed to restore energy and strength gently and gradually. Yoga has also been shown to help with post-natal depression and anxiety that can sometimes accompany the arrival of a new baby.

We advised that new Mums attend our Post Natal Yoga Classes and to have a complimentary private session with one of our experienced Yoga Teachers to determine their individual needs.



Mums and Bubs Yoga sessions involve synchronised breathing and simple meditation, together with a 'baby yoga' routine followed by 'baby massage'. It is an opportunity for baby and new Mum to bond in a safe and conducive environment. New babies benefit from the synchronised breathing of Mum/Dad and gentle touch of baby massage. Mum can gain valuable insight into the way that babies communicate their feelings through facial expression and body language.

Dads also welcome to attend!


Please contact us for details of Days & Times





Recovery Yoga/Yoga Therapy is a specialised area of Yoga that employs an individualised approach to meet the needs of each person.

Although the Recovery/Rehabilitation phase after illness is arguably as important as the treatment phase, it is often neglected because it can be very resource and time intensive.

When utilised as a rehabilitation option, Yoga can help in restoration of energy, physical fitness and an increased sense of happiness and well-being. In addition to aiding in the development of better physical strength and flexibility, Yoga can also help overcome the some of the common psychological effects of illness such as depression and anxiety.

Some of the problems that Yoga can help include post-surgical pain, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, digestive disorders, obesity, cancer, AIDS, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis among other health problems.

Day & Time:
Private Yoga Therapy Sessions are available by appointment with Susan Siegenthaler.

Fee: $80:00 per session


For current time table click HERE

Please contact us for further information about our classes.



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