A.C.H.A.R.Y.A - Australian Classical Hatha And Raja Yoga Alliance

Kurrajong Natural Medicine Centre offers Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Western herbal medicine and Remedial therapies to the communities of Kurrajong, Richmond, North Richmond, Glossodia, Kurmond, and the greater Hawkesbury area.
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A.C.H.A.R.Y.A. - Australian Classical Hatha And Raja Yoga Alliance

A.C.H.A.R.Y.A. is a not-for-profit organization, founded by a small group of individuals dedicated to the promotion of authentic and traditional Yoga practice and teaching.

The Yoga tradition is a science of life that seeks to assist us in the pursuit of wisdom, true happiness and peace. The techniques of Yoga have been developed over many lifetimes of sages and Yogis, through the application of scientific self-enquiry and experience. It continues to stand the test of time.

Our Mission is to:

• Share Yoga with others through Yoga classes, workshops, talks, community outreach & publications
• Maintain the authentic tradition of Classical Hatha & Raja Yoga through our Yoga Teacher Training programs
• Raise the profile of Yoga as a valuable addition to health care practices through the education of health care professionals about Yoga and Yoga Therapy

We invite like-minded people to join us.

Please contact Susan Siegenthaler by email at Yoga@namasteyogakurrajong.com.au for membership details.

AcharyaThe word Acharya comes from the Sanskrit language and means “one who teaches by example”.

A.C.H.A.R.Y.A., The Australian Classical Hatha and Raja Yoga Association was established in September, 2013 in memory of Acharya Upendra Roy.

Acharya had his Mahasamadhi in 2006, but lives on in the hearts of the many hundreds of people whose lives he touched and through those who now pass on the tradition of his Yoga teachings.

Acharya's life and teachings can be found in the publication "The Teachings on Hatha and Raja Yoga of Acharya Upendra Roy" by Lola Sharon Davidson & Emily Curtis, publisher Acharya's Yoga Community, Sydney.

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