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Kurrajong Natural Medicine Centre offers Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Western herbal medicine and Remedial therapies to the communities of Kurrajong, Richmond, North Richmond, Glossodia, Kurmond, and the greater Hawkesbury area.

Herbal & Therapeutic Products - Overview

Herbal Products - Therapeutic Compounds

Since the late '70s, Susan a herbalist and naturopath and the Director of Wildcrafted Herbal Products, has been providing customers and patients with her herbal compounds specifically formulated to address common health problems such as colds and flu, problems associated with premenstrual tension, headaches, and many more common ailments experienced by most of us at some time during our lives.

These formulations utilise the medicinal actions of several western herbs, that when used in combination, have a multitude of effects on a particular system in our bodies. For example the Nervine Compound contains several herbs that are known for their actions on regulating and normalising the function of our nervous system. It may therefore be useful in addressing insomnia, stress, anxiety, tension headaches and many other problems associated with abnormal functioning of the nervous system.

There are several therapeutic compounds in Wildcrafted's range of therapeutic herbal compounds. They include:

Please note that in order to obtain any of our therapeutic products, you will need to consult with Susan in order to assure that the compound you are interested in is in fact appropriate for you. You may call Susan to discuss your situation with her.

Herbal Products - Therapeutic Creams

Similarly to the Wildcrafted Herbal Compounds, the therapeutic creams are designed to address common problems for which an external cream is indicated. Brusing following an accident may be addressed by using our Arnica Cream, or a sprained muscle by using our Analgeze Cream. The Healing Cream maybe particularly useful if the skin is broken and there are cuts and abrasions present, as would be the case after a fall, for example.

There are several Therapeutic Herbal Creams in Wildcrafted's range. These include:

Herbal Dispensary

When a pre-mixed herbal compound is not quite suitable for a particular patient or needs to be modified in some way, Wildcrafted Cottage has a fully stocked herbal dispensary. That means, we can tailor make a specific herbal mixture just for you.

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