Why are Organic Skin Care Products Specifically and Organic Products Generally Gaining Popularity?

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A Look at Why Organic Skincare Products and Other Organic Products are Gaining Popularity


Organic skin care specifically and organic products generally are gaining popularity

Why is it that over the last few years organic products generally and organic skin care products specifically have become so popular?

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The answer is very simple. Thinking people are concerned with their health and try, wherever possible, to avoid exposing themselves to potentially dangerous chemicals. In order to avoid these, they are starting to look for organic skin and personal care products as well as including organic products in their diets and other areas of their lives.

Herbal Skin Care Products that contain organic ingredients are a safer choice then products that contain many of the now known to be dangerous chemicals, which may include Parabens, Formaldehyde, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Diazolidinyl Urea, SLS, as well as synthetic perfumes, artificial colours, etc. There are literally thousands of potentially hazardous chemicals in popular skin and personal care products, not to mention the additives in foods and beverages.

This applies right across the board from food and beverages to cosmetics, beauty products, personal and hair care products. The number of chemicals we are exposed to daily numbers in the tens of thousands.

This knowledge is becoming more wide spread these days and as a result, many of us are taking a close look at the ingredients in such products and are looking for organic products in preference to similar products that have not been grown using organic farming methods or contain additional chemicals that are synthetic or of an artificial nature.

Fortunately, these days the media is very aware of and frequently reports on research findings that demonstrate the dangers of certain chemicals to our health. Recently the media reported on the possible dangers of nanotechnology in sunscreens and the possible link of alcohol-based mouthwashes to oral cancer.

As consumers are becoming more aware of the health benefits that organic skin care specifically and organic products generally provide us with, the companies that have been at the forefront of this industry are finally getting justification for their insistence of using organic ingredients in their products.

But the benefits of using organic skin and personal care products do not stop at the benefits to our health. The positive effects on the environment cannot be discounted. The organic products we use to put on our skin, hair, and bodies, get washed off (at least to some extent) and end up in our river systems. Many of the potentially toxic chemicals that are still being used in many products end up in the wastewater and ultimately in our natural environment.

We’ve probably all read about the effects of hormones from the birth control pill on the sterility of cows… The scientists tell us that the hormones get into the ground water and the grasses on which the cows feed then take these up, ultimately effecting the fertility of cows.

These are just some of the reasons of why using organic skin and personal care products together with other organic products is simply a healthier choice all ‘round.


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