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Essential oils are complex aromatic compounds found in many plants and are used in Natural Medicine to treat ailments of body, mind and spirit. They are known to have a wide range of therapeutic effects, locally and systemically, being capable of entering the blood and lymph circulation to travel around the body.

Most essential oils have specific ‘target organs’ or ‘target tissues’ and are known to effect brain chemistry via their influence on the sense of smell. Essential oils have also gained a reputation as excellent antiseptics, wound healers, anti-inflammatories and relaxants.

Aromatherapy Treatments

There are two types of treatments utilising aromatherapy. The first aims at stress management and relaxation. The second is of a more medical type and aims to treat specific health problems.

Aromatherapy treatments involve the application of essential oils to the body using the Musculo-Lymphatic and Reflex Point Massage Techniques. These techniques employ the use of light pressure massage to the arms, legs and back to enhance lymphatic drainage from these areas and to aid up-take of essential oils. Reflex point and Swedish Massage techniques are used on the face and neck, hands and feet to release tension blocks and relax the muscles.

An essential oil blend is individually prepared following a brief consultation and the oils chosen are specific to the needs of the individual and most often will be used in the massage of the scalp, face and neck. Massage Lotions are used on the arms, legs and back while the feet are treated to the cooling and soothing effects of Wildcrafted Foot-Soother Gel.

1. Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage Treatments

The body requires relaxation and rest every day, so that it can repair, regenerate and recuperate. Likewise, the mind needs to rest, so that information and sensory input experienced during the course of a day can be ‘processed’ – that is, digested, assimilated and understood. Only after adequate, quality rest can the ‘adrenaline switch’ be turned off and these regenerative events take place in the mind and body.

True relaxation and rest of the body and mind is not easily accomplished these days, and most of us have to actively work on finding time to relax and unwind. This is where Aromatherapy Massage Relaxation Treatments can be of great value: you have the opportunity to have some time to yourself to relax and also gain the extra positive health benefits that massage and essential oils impart.

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage Treatments available at Kurrajong Natural Medicine Centre include a 1 Hour “Full Body Unwind” Treatment (scalp, face & neck, hands & arms, legs & feet and back) and the 40 Minute “Calm Down” Treatment (scalp, face, neck and back).

2. Aromatherapy Healing Massage Treatments (Medical Aromatherapy)

The Aromatherapy Massage Healing Treatments also involve the use of Musculo-Lymphatic Techniques, however, essential oil blends may be used together with hand and foot baths and/or warm or cool compresses. These treatments are usually a part of a program designed for the individual that may also include nutritional and lifestyle modification, a herbal or essential oil prescription and/or other health improvement recommendations.

LONG TREATMENT PROGRAM: For treatment of long-standing health problems (chronic), the recommended course of treatment is generally 6 treatments, 7-10 days apart, then, 7 treatments 2 weeks apart, followed by monthly treatments for a further 7 months. Thus, treatment is given over a period of 12 months in total. The treatment approach is re-evaluated at regular intervals during this time and may be adjusted if necessary. Monthly treatments may continue following this period.

Aromatherapy Massage Treatments available at Kurrajong Natural Medicine Centre include the Aromatherapy Massage Relaxation Treatments and the Aromatherapy Massage Healing Treatment.

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